Gincker Graphics

Create charts and graphics for any mathematic function or data without code. Deliver dynamic graphics content to the world

More about Gincker AI

Gincker AI

Test machine learning algorithms without code. Train ML models with your data. Visualize ML results in real-time.

More about Gincker AI

Gincker Finance

Perform technical analysis in one click. Build stock charts and technical indicators, backtest trading strategies for any stock

  • Financial charts
  • Technical indicators
  • Trading strategies & backtesting

updating market database. coming soon...

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Symbolic computations

Live ginckers

Live ginckers



The documentation on Gincker AI and Gincker Finance will be added soon...

Gincker is a playground for machine learning, charts & graphics, and technical analysis. Without the need to write a single line of code, Gincker allows you to test machine learning algorithms, create advanced charts and graphics, as well as perform technical analysis and backtest trading strategies in just one click.

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