Support Gincker Development

Developing and maintaining the Gincker platform take a lot of time and effort. If you find this platform useful and would like to help the project, you can contribute funding the project development by donating through Paypal:

Gincker Platform

Gincker Platform provides the same development environment to both developers and users. It converts different applications into templates that have a common interface and standardized input/output format by encapsulating and centralizing all the programming and implementation details inside the platform. As long as working through one template, you will be able to use all the other templates. You can simply go to, select a proper playground and template, and create your desired application out of the box.

The Gincker Platform allows you to save your work to gincker that is a unique URL link. The saved gincker can not only provide output results, but also bring the development environment directly to users. Users can then use the gincker to regenerate, manipulate, modify, and customize graphics, machine-learning algorithms, or trading strategies.

Gincker Platform implements several playgrounds, including Gincker-Graphics, Gincker-Machine Learning, Gincker-Finance, etc. You can learn more about it by selecting a playground you are interested from the left pane.

Future Gincker: Can be Any App, Will Be Everywhere, and for Everyone

Gincker key features: distributed platform, easy-to-use, and dynamic output. These features make Gincker suitable not only for graphics, quantitative finance, and machine learning, but also for other fields.

  • Any App: Gincker is not limited to graphics and technical analysis, it can have wide applications in other fields. In future releases, we plan to add templates to Gincker for the following fields: numerical methods, education, mathematical and physics modeling, artificial intelligence (AI), and other scientific and engineering fields. In fact, we can convert any software package, business application, or software service into templates and integrate them into Gincker. This means any application is simply a template in Gincker.
  • For Everyone: In the future, We will keep Gincker as a SaaT (software as a template)-based web-distributed platform that does not need to install anything on a user’s local machine. We will continue to improve Gincker’s user interface and put the easy-to-use feature as our top priority. Gincker will further encapsulate and centralize all the programming complexities and implementation details internally, while exposing a simple and common interface to users. Gincker is for everyone - using Gincker is as simple as using a calculator.
  • Everywhere: Due to Gincker's ability to create and deliver dynamic content, we will gradually make Gincker an effective communication tool in our daily life. For example, when communicating with colleagues to discuss computation results or a stock trading strategy, you do not need to send an email with a large attachment anymore; simply include a gincker in your email instead.
  • Smart Gincker As the number of templates and ginckers on the platform increases, we will gradually make Gincker become a true expert system. It will be able to pick and recommend the right templates to users according to user’s background and other attributes. Gincker will be smart enough to generate the output results automatically by following the user’s specifications or simple descriptions without the need to provide a mathematic formula or input data.

Gincker-Books is a new website for Dr. Xu's "Practical" book series on charts, graphics, quantitative finance, machine learning with C#, Winform, WPF, ASP.NET Core, R, Angular, etc. It will be used to gradually replace the old website at This new site allows you to manage and download the ebooks and example code much more easily.