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Gincker - Books

Gincker - Books

Books on Charts, Graphics, Numerical Methods, Quantitative Finance, and Machine Learning with C#, WinForm, WPF, ASP.NET Core, R, and Angular

These books emphasize practical usefulness for real-world applications and provide the depth of information and level of detail. The books include ready-to-run example programs that allow you to explore the programming technique and algrithm behind the business applications. Some of the code examples are sophisticated packages for real-world applications. You can modify the code examples or add new features to them to form the basis of your own projects.

These books cover several specialized areas, including chart and graphics, quantitative analysis and development for finacial market, numerical methods and math libraries, database development, AI and machine learning using various technology stacks, including ASP.NET Core, Angular, Angular elements.

As you may have already noticed, most bookstores offer hundreds of .NET programming books. The vast majority of these books are general-purpose user guides and tutorials that explain the basics of the .NET tool and how to use it to implement simple applications. Some of these books may only contain a chapter or two covering the topic you really need. None, however, provide the level of detail that you will find in these practical book series.

Each book of these practical series presents a complete and comprehensive introduction to a specific topic and explains in great details and depth on how to build real-world applications. It provides original and detailed materials based on author's own programming experience to help you create sophisticated .NET projects. Each book also includes ready-to-run sample programs that allow you to explore the topic and technology described in the book. You can modify these sample codes or add new features to them to form the basis of your own applications. Some of the example programs are already sophisticated packages that can be used directly in your own real-world .NET projects.

In fact, each book of these practical book series is not just a book, but a powerful programming package in its own right. You may find that some of the examples in this book can be immediately used in solving your real-world problems, and that some may give you inspiration for adding more advanced features to your own applications.

Gincker-Books is a new website for Dr. Xu's "Practical" book series on charts, graphics, quantitative finance, machine learning with C#, Winform, WPF, ASP.NET Core, R, Angular, etc. It will be used to gradually replace the old website at This new site allows you manage and download your ebooks and example code much more easily.

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